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Our advocacy assistance

Individual Advocacy

We help people overcome barriers to independence and identify the right community support services. Disability Rights advocates work one-on-one with individuals to identify goals and achieve positive change.
Office Worker

Systems Advocacy

We promote positive legislative policy and program initiatives. Disability Rights attorneys and advocates work at the state and county levels, and in coalition with other organizations to protect the rights of people with disabilities in Wisconsin. Our advocacy efforts serve people living in community settings, in state, county and private institutions, and in prisons and jails.


We provide informational training and other learning opportunities for consumers, family members, attorneys and others who support people in the disability community. Disability Rights trainers offer effective strategies to strengthen individual advocacy skills, improve the system’s response to issues of access, broaden the understanding of disability rights and more.

Legal Support

We take action that challenges rights violations related to identified priority issues for people with disabilities. Disability Rights attorneys bring the law to bear on issues of individual and systems advocacy. We address access, inclusion, dignity, most-integrated choices and equal rights issues.