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Disability Rights Wisconsin Staff

Executive Director

  • Dan Idzikowski 

Madison Staff

  • Anna Anderson (Family Care and IRIS Ombudsman)
  • Kristine Beck (Advocacy Specialist)
  • Melanie Cairns (Family Care and IRIS Supervising Attorney)
  • Jo Cauley (Advocacy Specialist)
  • Amy Devine (Public Policy Coordinator)
  • Ellen Escalera (Program Attorney)
  • Jennifer Espinoza-Forlenza (Family Care and IRIS Ombudsman)
  • Shelly Fox (Program Attorney)
  • Diana Gonzales (Administrative Assistant II)
  • Phyllis Greenberger (Lead Advocacy Specialist)
  • Mitch Hagopian (Supervising Attorney)
  • Laura Hanson (Director of Operations and Quality)
  • Kim Hogan (Intake Specialist)
  • Aurora Holder (IT Manager)
  • Shunette Hunter (Staff Attorney)
  • Samir Jaber (Program Attorney)
  • Lisa Jameson (Administrative Assistant I)
  • Kit Kerschensteiner (Managing Attorney)
  • Lea Kitz (Family Care and IRIS Ombudsman Program Manager)
  • Jason Klimowicz (Program Attorney)
  • Chris L’Heureux (Family Care and IRIS Lead Ombudsman)
  • Ada Muncy (Medical Records Analyst)
  • Carol Nelson (Financial Manager)
  • Maxine Patchin (Accounting Assistant)
  • Nadya Rosen (Managing Attorney)
  • Eva Shiffrin (Managing Attorney)
  • Nancy Solberg (HR Specialist)
  • Hope Swanson (Advocacy Specialist)
  • Mark Sweet (Trainer and Program Consultant)
  • Mary Sykes (Training Coordinator)

Menasha Staff

  • Jean Jarosh (Family Care and IRIS Ombudsman)
  • Pam Malin (Advocacy Specialist for Victims of Crime project and Project Coordinator for Violence Against Women with Disabilities and Deaf Women project)
  • Colleen Olson (Family Care and IRIS Ombudsman)
  • Leslie Stewart (Family Care and IRIS Program Attorney)
  • Betsy Quaintance (Volunteer/Pro Bono Coordinator for Victims of Crime project)

Milwaukee Staff

  • Aaron Arteaga (Administrative Assistant II)
  • Barbara Beckert (Milwaukee Office Director)
  • Shirin Cabraal (Supervising Attorney)
  • Elise Cassidente (Office Coordinator)
  • Mary Cerretti (Advocacy Specialist)
  • Bill Crowley (Family Care and IRIS Ombudsman)
  • Julie Dixon*Seidl (SSI-MC Advocacy Project Coordinator)
  • Ryan Farrell (Program Attorney)
  • Sally Flaschberger (Lead Advocacy Specialist)
  • Lisa Foley (Program Attorney)
  • Elizabeth Ford (Advocacy Specialist)
  • Elizabeth Mamerow (Family Care and IRIS Lead Ombudsman)
  • Anne McIntyre (Program Attorney)
  • Joan Multhauf (Intake Specialist)
  • Monica Murphy (Managing Attorney)
  • Sarah Pitsoulakis (Program Attorney)
  • Ginger Rogers (Medicare Part D Project Coordinator)
  • Cathy Steffke (Lead Advocacy Specialist)
  • Jean Trimble (Family Care and IRIS Ombudsman)
  • Joy Walter (Administrative Assistant I)
  • Amy York (Family Care and IRIS Ombudsman)

Rice Lake Staff

  • Paula Brettingen (Family Care and IRIS Ombudsman)
  • Jodi Hanna (Rice Lake Office Director/Attorney)
  • Tara Jossart (Administrative Specialist/Intake Specialist)
  • Karen Lane (Advocacy Specialist)
  • Jo Pelishek (Advocacy Specialist)