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Statewide Aging and Disability Groups Show the Legislature the Money and Say “Lift the Caps!”

On May 20 Wisconsin Legislators received a proposal from 13 statewide disability and aging groups which cites new ways that the Legislature can fund long-term care. The proposal directs the Legislature to new funding sources to lift the cap, including a redirection of some of the additional $636 million in overall tax revenues.

The proposal also cites data that shows that not only will a cap be costly to taxpayers, but it will result in people with disabilities and older adults facing just one extremely expensive long-term care option – and the one that most people want to avoid – a bed in a nursing home or other institution. This proposal defines a realistic way to avoid a Cap and continue progress toward long-term care reform – allowing people to remain in their homes and communities.

Click here to download Life the Cap on Long Term Care – A Funding Proposal.