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Lift the Caps Hearing FINALLY Scheduled! Testify or Call Your Legislator – Or Both! Lift the Caps Call in Days This Week!

Thank you to Senator Vukmir for scheduling a hearing (Senate Bill 380) to Lift the Caps on Family Care/IRIS!
Public testimony by people who use Family Care and IRIS or
those who are waiting for long-term supports is welcome at this hearing!
Come to Madison on Thursday, Feb. 9th and share your story at the hearing
11 AM – Room 201 Southeast.
Remember Lift the Caps Call-In Days This Week!
Call the AARP Legislative Hotline ANYTIME FROM FEB. 7,8,9:
(The Assembly Committee on Aging and Long-term Care must also start
to move their version of the bill (Assembly Bill 477)!
Let Rep. Knodl know that he should move this bill now!
Telephone: (608) 266-3796 Or (888) 529-0024;

If you have called before, call again! If you haven’t called, NOW IS THE TIME! It is easy!!!
Let’s Create a Drumbeat for People with Disabilities in Wisconsin!
Our friends at AARP are letting us use their simple legislative hotline. When you call this number, you will be greeted by AARP and then asked to type in your zip code. (The call is not recorded or used in any other manner.) The phone service will then dial your representative or senator and connect you directly with that office!
Call the AARP Legislative Hotline ANYTIME FROM FEB. 7,8,9:
(You do not have to use this hotline, you can always call your rep directly on your own)
Why is this important?:
The bills in the Capitol right now to lift the caps on Family Care/IRIS and expand the programs statewide are STALLED and may DIE in committee if legislators do not take action in the next couple weeks. The caps will not be lifted unless these bills pass! These bills need to move now! More than 8000 people statewide are waiting for critical daily supports!
What you can say:
People with disabilities and seniors in Wisconsin need long-term supports to live their lives! Family Care and IRIS are important programs! It is time to lift the caps and let people who live in counties without these programs have access to these supports ! Move these bills (Assembly Bill 477 and Senate Bill 380) now!
Need more information?: