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Northeast Wisconsin Groups Collect Signatures to Send to Assembly about Family Care Expansion

Northeast Wisconsin disability and aging advocates, along with county representatives and concerned community organizations are circulating a letter for signature – sharing their concerns about the stall of a bill to remove the caps on Family Care and other long-term care programs. Advocates hope to secure as many Northeast Wisconsin organizations to sign on to this letter as possible to send a clear message to the Assembly about the state’s plans for long-term care and expansion of Family Care and IRIS in Northeast Wisconsin!

This letter tells the Wisconsin Assembly about the concerns many people in the Northeast have about the state’s future plans for long-term care for people with disabilities and frail elderly in the region. If your organization agrees with the below/attached statement, please send your organization name to to be added to the letter – no later than 5 PM ON WED. FEB. 22.

Read the letter here:

Letter from NE Wisconsin Counties – Family Care Expansion