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Governor Walker Proposes Initiative to Assist People with Disabilities in Finding Meaningful Work

In his State of the State address last night, Governor Walker declared 2014 “the Year of the Better Bottom Line” and highlighted several Wisconsin workers with disabilities. His initiative aims to assist people with disabilities to find work and to encourage employers to hire people with disabilities.

Fewer than 19% of people with disabilities have jobs, compared to more than 68% of people without disabilities, according to federal statistics.

“Make no mistake, ‘A Better Bottom Line’ is not about charity,” Walker said of his initiative. “…We are looking for ways to help employers hire people who will add value to their organizations.”

Disability Rights Wisconsin and partner agencies the Board for People with Developmental Disabilities and People First Wisconsin welcomed the Governor’s initiative: Disability Advocates Respond to State of the State – 5-40.

The three agencies also put together the following fact sheet with statistics about workers with disabilities in Wisconsin: People with Disabilities – Ready Willing and Able to Work 1-22-14.

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