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DRW Supports Federal Law to Boost Community-Based Mental Health Supports

Disability Rights Wisconsin actively supports a new federal bill – H.R. 4574 – the Strengthening Mental Health in Our Communities Act of 2014. This bill maximizes access for individuals with mental illness to quality community-based services. In contrast, DRW has concerns about H.R. 3717 -a bill introduced by Congressman Tim Murphy which would exchange community-based services that have a proven track record of success with far more expensive, invasive, and ineffective interventions. The bill would also result in significant cuts to Wisconsin mental health funding.

Read about both bills here: May 29 Wall Street Journal article quoting DRW’s Kit Kerschensteiner.

DRW’s Statement on HR 3717: HR 3717 statement.

Survival Coalition’s Letter to the Wisconsin Congressional Delegation on HR 3717 and HR 4574: Survival Coalition hr 3717 letter.

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