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New Orleans educator could force big changes at MPS

Alan J. Borsuk | On Education
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Posted: October 17, 2009

Alan Coulter is working on a short list of goals for students in Milwaukee Public Schools:

A very large majority of them should get good, professional and prompt help learning reading, especially if they’re struggling.

The same with math.

The same with behavior problems – good, professional and prompt responses for those acting out too often, getting suspended too often, disrupting classes and so on.

Think about what the impact would be if those goals were met.

Coulter is holding a lever that may make a lot of that happen in the next several years. A nationally recognized expert in special education and a professor at the Louisiana State University Health Science Center in New Orleans, he now carries the title of “independent expert” for implementation of a court order dealing with special education services in MPS.

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