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Advocates Await Assurance that IRIS will be Replicated in Wisconsin’s New Managed Care System

On June 30 the Legislative Fiscal Bureau issued this memo outlining how the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee budget motion does not address key parts of the current IRIS program including:

  • Maintaining the policy that anyone who is eligible for Family Care is eligible for self direction.
  • Access to the ongoing support of an IRIS Consultant to implement a self-direction plan.
  • The calculation of an Individual Budget based on an objective measures of a person’s functioning.
  • The requirement that all eligible individuals be provided information on the self direction option.

When the original budget motion passed on May 27 legislators had indicated that although IRIS was being folded into Family Care as a self-direction option that it would be essentially identical to the current IRIS program.

Advocates will continue to work with the Legislature to secure fixes to the budget motion to maintain IRIS.