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Disability Rights Wisconsin Makes Recommendations on Implementation on new IRIS 40 Hour Rule

On May 23 Disability Rights Wisconsin sent a letter to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) making recommendations on how to implement its 40-Hour Health and Safety Assurance Policy in a way that ensures health and safety for people who may have difficulty meeting the new worker limits. You can read DRW’s letter here: DRW Letter to DHS – 40-Hour Health and Safety Assurance Policy

The Department’s policy establishes that IRIS participant hired workers may provide no more than 40 hours of care per week for an IRIS employer. Read more about the Department’s policy here: DHS 40-hour policy. IRIS participants are being asked to sign a form to ensure they are in compliance with this new policy by December of 2016. You can see the form here: 40 Hour Health and Safety Assurance Participant Form. 

National disability advocacy groups have also recently provided guidance to states on how to come into compliance around new federal worker overtime regulations. Read this document from the Bazelon Center: Considerations for developing overtime exceptions.  Disability Rights Wisconsin will continue to monitor implementation of the Wisconsin policy and work with the Department to ensure that individuals continue to receive the care hours required to meet their needs.