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Off to a Good Start

Rocket drawn by child with DRW letters on white base and a blue top with red flames and smoke on bottom for blast off.We may not know what the future holds for our children. We do know that Disability Rights Wisconsin will be an outspoken champion, protecting their rights and their futures.

Disability Rights Wisconsin’s 2016 Annual Campaign “Off to a Good Start” highlights our work on behalf of children with disabilities.

Advocates at DRW ensure that our children grow in a safe and nurturing environment, are engaged in their education, have access to the world around them and the supports they need to achieve their potential.


Please give a gift to Disability Rights Wisconsin today to celebrate our children and protect their futures.

Who will protect the rights of Wisconsin’s 80,000 children with disabilities?

You can! With your gift, you become a member of Disability Rights Wisconsin’s Protection and Advocacy team. Together, we can ensure that all children in Wisconsin get off to a good start.

What does it take?

Check mark symbolA Safe and Nurturing Environment.
That’s why Disability Rights Wisconsin’s public policy team convinced the state legislature to pass a law providing children with disabilities equal access to child protective services.

Check mark symbolAn Engaging Education
Disability Rights Wisconsin is advocating together with parents to improve laws and school practices so that the use of restraints is limited, parents receive notification, and all children learn in a safe environment.

Check mark symbolAccess and Exploration
Disability Rights Wisconsin’s team of attorneys and advocates won a series of cases getting kids the therapies, mobility devices, and communication aids they needed.

Check mark symbolHigh Expectations
All children should graduate from high school prepared to work or pursue college. At Disability Rights Wisconsin, we ensure children with disabilities receive transitional services that prepare them for the future.

By protecting and enforcing children with disabilities’ basic rights, we ensure that they have access to all that our society offers.

Protection and advocacy matter. A child who is restrained or abused; who is denied an education, or who lacks the means to participate in community activities is harmed forever.

Your gift saves children’s lives. It makes our best advocacy possible. With your contribution, we can advocate at the highest levels of government and protect children in the most restrictive environments.

Please send your gift today.


Thank you for investing in the future of all of our children. Together, we are off to a great start!