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Disability Rights Wisconsin Opposes the American Health Care Act (AHCA)

DRW strongly opposes the current proposal and the likely devastating impact it will have on people with disabilities.

Our key concerns include the following:

  • The Per Capita Cap would radically restructure Medicaid by capping federal funding per beneficiary at a rate that is disconnected from beneficiary need and increasing health care costs.
  • Elimination of Retroactive Medicaid Eligibility, which provides coverage up to three months before the month an individual applies for coverage.
  • Repeal of Essential Benefits Coverage for Medicaid and any private plan.  Individuals with disabilities enrolled in Medicaid have the most significant needs for health care and long term supports.  These needs merit access to the same 10 essential health benefits required of ACA exchange plan; Medicaid and any private plan should continue to include coverage for Essential Benefits.
  • Negative impact of the AHCA proposal on people with disabilities who rely on private insurance.  The Affordable Care Act has significantly improved access for people with disabilities to comprehensive and high quality private insurance, thereby expanding opportunities to live independently and maintain employment.
  • Insurance will be less affordable for many people who have significant medical needs and require comprehensive coverage.
  • Insurance would have “lower average actuarial values” which means worse coverage than current policies under the ACA.

Please click here to read our full position.