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Call to Action-Save Medicaid

The time to act is now! The Senate is likely going to vote on the American Health Care Act this week!

The Senate’s version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) would:

• Cause deep cuts to Medicaid ($772 billion) through per capita caps and block grants
• Affect 37 million children who use Medicaid, including children with disabilities
• Lead to loss of health insurance for 22 million Americans
• Allow states to opt out of Essential Health Benefits, affecting people with pre-existing conditions

This is your opportunity to tell your senators why the AHCA would be so harmful for children and adults with disabilities and chronic conditions – and that we demand an open process with public input in health care reform. Senator Tammy Baldwin has publicly stated that she does not support the current version of the AHCA. Senator Ron Johnson continues to share that he isn’t prepared to vote until he can review and hear from his constituents on the bill.

Share your personal story of why Medicaid is important in your life for you, a family member, or friend.

If you have already called, call again and ask your friends and family to also make a call. Contact local media – newspaper, TV, radio stations –to share your story.
If you are afraid that you are not enough of an expert on health care to make a call – don’t worry! You can share a simple message (click here for sample Script). If you would like more information, you can find fact sheets below.

Ask your Senators to oppose any bill that would cut or cap Medicaid. Medicaid works for Wisconsin!

Call Senator Johnson:
• DC office: 202-224-5323
• Oshkosh office: 920-230-7250
• Milwaukee office: 414-276-7282

Call Senator Tammy Baldwin:
• DC office: 202-224-5653
• Madison office: 608-264-5338
• Milwaukee office: 414-297-4451

Useful fact sheets on Medicaid in Wisconsin:


Medicaid Myth Busting Flier

Medicaid in Schools-Wisconsin