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Final Countdown to Health Care Vote

Today is Day #2 in the Final Countdown to Stop the AHCA/BCRA and its Cuts to Medicaid.

Your calls are working! The U.S. Senate announced Tuesday that they will not vote on their health reform bill (Better Care Reconciliation Act) until after July 4. We must keep the calls coming to stop its devastating 26% cut to Medicaid. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office analysis of the Senate Bill shows that its cuts to Medicaid will be substantial over the long-term because it limits Medicaid funding to traditional inflation instead of Medical Inflation. Cuts to Medicaid mean cuts to 20 Wisconsin programs like Family Care, IRIS, the Children’s waiver, BadgerCare, mental health programs, Katie Beckett, autism services, personal care, and important therapies like speech, OT and PT.

Our countdown continues today with fact #2. Call Senators Johnson and Baldwin and tell them you are concerned about the senate health care bill because: It doesn’t address the true cost drivers in the health care system. Health care reform should: address rising prescription drug costs, make health insurance affordable and accessible, encourage care coordination and preventive care, and address the high administrative costs of hospitals and health plans.

Call Senator Johnson’s three offices: • DC office: 202-224-5323 • Oshkosh office: 920-230-7250 • Milwaukee office: 414-276-7282

Call Senator Tammy Baldwin: • DC office: 202-224-5653 • Madison office: 608-264-5338 • Milwaukee office: 414-297-4451

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