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Inclusion of Racine Special Education Students in Regular School Classrooms

The Racine Journal Times recently published a series of articles on inclusion of special education students in regular school classrooms in the Racine Unified School District. DRW Board member, Jeff Timm, and several DRW staff were involved in an inclusion work group with regular education teachers, special education teachers, school administrators, parents of students with disabilities and other disability organization representatives to develop recommendations and an inclusion implementation plan for the Racine schools. Below are the links to the recent Journal Times articles and background articles regarding the need for reforming special education in the Racine Unified School District.

RUSD Workgroup for Inclusion 9/20/10
Article #1 9/18/10
Article #2 9/19/10
Article #3 9/20/10

Background articles:
Frattura Special Ed Report 11/13/07
Inclusion K through 2nd Grade 9/26/09
Racine’s Special Ed Major Events 9/18/10
Autistic Second Grader Helped by Inclusive Practices 1/26/10