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Stories of Wisconsinites Who Use Medicaid

Please read What Medicaid Means to Wisconsin to learn how nearly 1.2 million Wisconsinites use 20 Medicaid programs in our state.

Publication – The Key to Your Future: Understanding the Post-Secondary Transition Plan

Parents and students are often confused when they hear the word transition. Students make many transitions throughout their school career. They transition from early childhood to elementary, year after year transition to a new teacher, and some parents think of the transitions in a child’s day. This guide will help explain the transition that is required for all students receiving special education from the age of fourteen until they leave school. Click here to read The Key to Your Future: Understanding the Postsecondary Transition Plan.

Conversaciones Sobre Su Hijo – Una Guia

Derechos de las Personas con Discapacidades de Wisconsin, se complace en ofrecer un nuevo recurso para los padres de niños con discapacidades y los que los apoyan. Desarrollo de conversaciones sobre su hijo -Themes para toda la vida fue apoyada por el Departamento de Servicios de Salud, División de cuidado a Largo Plazo Wisconsin.

Los puntos de vista en este documento son las del autor y no representan necesariamente la posición o las políticas del Departamento de Servicios de Salud oficial. Conversaciones sobre su hijo no tiene un derecho de autor. Se permite y alienta la reproducción y la distribución de cualquier parte de este recurso. Cuando se hacen copias o referenciados favor crédito Disability Rights Wisconsin. Haga clic en el siguiente enlace para leer y descargar la guía: Conversaciones Sobre Su Hijo.

New Publication – Conversations About Your Child – Themes for a Lifetime

Disability Rights Wisconsin is happy to offer a new resource for parents of children with disabilities and those who support them. Development of Conversations About Your Child—Themes for a Lifetime was supported by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Division of Long Term Care.

Points of view in this document are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the Department of Health Services. Conversations About Your Child does not have a copyright. Reproduction and sharing of any part of this resource is permitted and encouraged. Whenever copies are made or referenced please credit Disability Rights Wisconsin. Click the following link to read and download the guide: Conversations-About-Your-Child

Rights & Reality II

An Action Guide to the Rights of People with Disabilities in Wisconsin

The primary focus of this guide is to explain the basic legal rights and protections afforded people living in Wisconsin who have a disability. It is not a resource manual that provides complete descriptions of the various services and supports available to people with disabilities.

Descriptions of programs, funding sources, and agencies are intentionally limited. The degree of detail provided is governed by the amount needed to put the legal issues into context. However, most chapters direct the reader to a resource that can provide more in-depth information about a support, service, program, or agency. The Additional Resources Appendix is also intentionally brief and includes primarily statewide or regional legal services, advocacy groups, and disability (not direct service) organizations. 2001

Spiral Manual: 400 pages. $15.00 for consumers and families. $20.00 for others.

CD-ROM version: key word search capability; increase screen image size to 800%; can be run on Windows or Macintosh platforms; print directly from CD-ROM. $15.00 for consumers and families. $20.00 for others.

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Or click below to download individual chapters:

How to Use this Guide

Rights and Values in the 21st Century

Becoming an Effective Advocate

Social Security Disability Insurance & Supplemental Security Income

Medicaid and Badgercare

Medicare Program

Health Insurance Risk Sharing Plan

Private Health Insurance & HMOs

Insurance Discrimination

Assistive Technology

Birth to three

Special Education

2006 Update of Special Education Chapter

Family Support Program

Child Care for Children with Special Needs

W2 and Related Programs

Integrated Services for Youth with Mental Health Needs

Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice

Supported Parenting

Community Options Program

Medicaid Waiver & Home and Community Based Services

Family Care

Partnership Program


Vocational Rehabilitation

Housing Resources and Strategies

Rights of Consumers of Disability Related Services

Rights in Residential Settings

Voting, Holding Office, and Jury Duty

Fair Housing

Access to Transportation

Wisconsin Fair Employment Act

Driver Licenses and Parking Privileges

Recreational Licenses

Services for People with Sensory Impairments

Service Animals

Independent Living Centers

Abuse and Neglect of Vulnerable Adults

Americans with Disabilities Act Title 1

Americans with Disabilities Act Title 2

Americans with Disabilities Act Title 3


Chapter 55: Wisconsin’s Guardianship and Protective Placement statute

Civil Commitment and Voluntary Treatment

Forensic Mental Health Commitments

Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Correctional Settings

Additional Resources Appendix

Resource Guide: Addressing and Ending Violence Against Women with Disabilities

DRW, in collaboration with the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN), devised this Resource Guide for Protection & Advocacy agencies (P & As) across the country. It is designed to promote the necessity for and benefits to P & As joining with sexual assault and domestic violence programs to forge partnerships on issues of violence against women with disabilities. 2006

Click here to download Resource Guide: Addressing and Ending Violence Against Women with Disabilities

Updated Rights and Reality II Chapter on Special Education

This chapter has been revised to include IDEA 2004 and its regulations, the new Wisconsin state special education law, and recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions. 2006

Click here to download Updated Rights and Reality II Chapter on Special Education

Advocacy Tool Kit: Skills for Effective Self and Peer Advocacy

A kit that provides information and skill building exercises to develop and enhance self and peer advocacy skills. It includes information about Informal Advocacy Strategies, Formal Advocacy Strategies, Peer Advocacy, Communication Skills, and Self-Care While Doing Advocacy. This book is available for download, or you may order a printed copy below for a $25 fee.

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Disability Rights Wisconsin Report to the Community 2005

Disability Rights Wisconsin’s 2005 Annual Report. 2005

Click here to download Disability Rights Wisconsin Report to the Community 2005

When Deaf and Hearing Meet

The purpose of this workbook is to provide some introductory information about language, culture, and respectful interactions between hearing and Deaf. You are invited to think about your roles and opportunities, as well as your responsibilities, to make your services and support more available to Deaf. April 2004

Click here to download When Deaf and Hearing Meet Part 1
Click here to download When Deaf and Hearing Meet Part 2