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Family Care Ombudsman Program Consumer Information Materials

Click these links for information about the Wisconsin’s Long Term Care programs:

A listing of Family Care’s 12 Outcome Areas: List of Outcomes

Consumers are encouraged to use this worksheet to help them identify their outcomes for their Family Care plan: FCOP Outcomes Worksheet

A description of the purpose of Wisconsin’s Long-Term Care Functional Screen and preparation tips: Long Term Care Functional Screen information

A list of Family Care Definitions and Acronyms: LTC Acronyms and Definitions

A listing of Self-Directed Supports Resources: Self-Directed Supports

The CORE of a Good Life: Guided Conversations with Parents on Raising Young Children with Disabilities

There is so much about raising a child with a disability that moves parents and children into clinical and therapeutic realms, that opportunities for more ordinary or natural supports are often missed. In this guide written by Mark Sweet and Molly Murphy many areas of conversation are suggested to help parents invite others to get to know their young and not so young children with disabilities.

Click here to download the CORE Guide

Family Care and IRIS Consumer Information Packet & Powerpoint Presentation

Click the link below for a consumer guide to FC and IRIS Long-Term Care programs. August 2009

FC & IRIS Guide

Click this link to view a Powerpoint presentation about the rollout of Family Care and IRIS in Milwaukee County. August 2009

FC & IRIS Powerpoint

Report Released on the Seclusion and Restraint of Wisconsin Children

A press conference was held today in the Wisconsin State Capitol. The press conference was convened by Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW), Wisconsin FACETS, and Wisconsin Family Ties (WFT), who released their brand new report entitled, Out of Darkness…Into the Light: New Approaches to Reducing the Use of Seclusion and Restraint with Wisconsin Children.

Out of Darkness…Into the Light exposes the tragedy of secluding and restraining Wisconsin children in schools and treatment settings throughout the state. It describes the ways in which Wisconsin children have been both emotionally and physically injured by such practices, including one child who died in restraints. It further describes actions taken by many other states to reduce the use of seclusion and restraint of children, and calls for legislative and administrative agency action to protect Wisconsin children from these dangerous practices.
Click here to read the rest of Report Released on the Seclusion and Restraint of Wisconsin Children »

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan brochure

Click for our new Medicare Part D brochure:

Medicare Part D Brochure English

Medicare Part D Black and White Brochure English

Med D Español

Med D Hmong – Currently unavailable. Check back soon.

Family Care Ombudsman Program brochure – English

Click here to download the Family Care Ombudsman Program brochure in English

El folleto del programa de Family Care Ombudsman en español

Haz clic aquí para descargar el folleto del programa de Family Care Ombudsman en español.

Family Care Ombudsman Program brochure – Hmong

Nias ntawm no yog xav tau daim ntawv qhia txog Cov Txheej Txheem los Ntawm Family Care Kev Pab Sawv Cev uas sau rau lus Hmoob.

Family Care: An Overview

This is a comprehensive legal primer on Family Care.

Click here to download Family Care: An Overview

Citizen’s Guide to Family Care

A power point presentation on the Family Care Ombudsman Program that was developed by the Survival Coalition of Wisconsin Disability Organizations.

Click here to download Citizen’s Guide to Family Care