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Voting in Wisconsin – A Guide for Citizens with Disabilities – 2014

Voting is a constitutional right and responsibility of citizenship. It is an important way to help select the national, state and local officials who make laws, design programs and decide how tax dollars are spent. For information on voting in Wisconsin for individuals with disabilities, download a copy of the manual Disability Vote Guide 2014.

Drafted by the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition.

Disability Vote Coalition Research on Voters with Disabilities

Disability Rights Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities presented in November 2012 at the National TASH Conference. The presentation’s focus was Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts and research we have conducted on voters from the disability community in Wisconsin.

Our presentation outlines what we have learned and the outcomes of our project as part of the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition.  Click here to read the powerpoint document: Research-Based Voter Engagement – Voters with Disabilities.

Competency, Guardianship and Voting in Wisconsin

Not everyone who is under guardianship has lost the right to vote. This brochure tells you how to find out if you have lost your right to vote, and the steps you can take if you want to restore that right.

Click below for English and Spanish versions of the brochure:

Guardianship and voting-English

Guardianship and voting-Spanish

Voting Day Accessibility Checklist

The purpose of the Election Day Accessibility Checklist is to quickly assess whether or not the polling place has barriers for people with disabilities on Election Day. This checklist does not identify all barriers that a person may face at the polls. Answering positively to the checklist does not mean a polling site is in compliance with such law as the ADA. If barriers are identified the municipal clerk should be notified so the barrier can be addressed as soon as possible. Many barriers can be easily addressed on Election Day.

Click here to download the WISC Election Day Accessibility Checklist

Voting Rights Reference Guide

This voting information was gathered to be a reference for DRW staff, people with disabilities, advocates, providers, family members and others who have questions about the voting process in Wisconsin. The information focuses on the rules and regulations that impact the individual voter.

Click here to download Voting Rights Reference Guide