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P&As Can’t Do It Alone: Forging Alliances to Address & End Violence Against Women with Disabilities and Deaf Women

In collaboration with the National Disability Rights Network, Disability Rights Wisconsin devised this Resource Guide for protection and advocacy agencies (P&As) across the country and in the U.S. Territories. It is designed to promote the necessity for and benefits to protection and advocacy organizations joining with state and local sexual assault (SA) and domestic violence (DV) coalitions and programs to forge powerful partnerships on issues of violence against women with disabilities and Deaf women. This jointly developed publication is intended to provide the impetus for implementing a concerted effort among state P&As, DV and SA coalitions and programs to initiate and sustain collaborative activities that will forge a collective force in each state and territory to effectively address sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking against women with disabilities and Deaf women. December 2006

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