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Milwaukee Disability Coalition Speaks out about Milwaukee Public Schools

DRW helped to form a coalition of Milwaukee based disability organizations to join together and speak with one voice about the concerns of the disability community regarding the various reforms being discussed for Milwaukee Public School, none of which speak directly about children with disabilities. DRW Managing Attorney Monica Murphy presented the testimony at a Senate Education hearing which was held on January 5, 2010 at the MPS Administration Building. That testimony can be found at this link: MPS Reform – Statement from Disability Advocates

Disability Rights Wisconsin Wausau Listening Session

The Board of Directors of Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW) will be conducting a Listening Session on Friday, March 5, 2010 in Wausau.

DRW is the designated protection and advocacy agency for people with developmental, physical, or sensory disabilities and people with mental illness in Wisconsin. DRW engages in a variety of advocacy strategies, including one-on-one advocacy for individuals and their families; systems advocacy (influencing state and county policy, legislative advocacy and coalition building); class action and impact litigation; and providing training to people with disabilities, their family members, human service professionals, attorneys and others on a variety of disability related topics.

The DRW Board wants to hear from people with disabilities, their families, friends, disability activists, service providers and other concerned individuals about your ideas for the future of disability advocacy and the issues that need to be addressed in the areas of special education, developmental disability, mental health and physical disability services and disability rights.

WHEN: Friday, March 5, 2010 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

WHERE: Jefferson Street Inn, 201 Jefferson Street, Wausau, WI

PARKING: Parking is available at the Jefferson Street Ramp located just across the street from the Jefferson St. Inn. You may either put money into a meter or stop at the front desk of the Jefferson Street Inn and buy a $2.00 parking pass before entering the ramp. DRW will cover the cost of parking for consumers and their families.

BUS: Metro Ride Transfer Station is at 555 Jefferson St. which is approximately 3 blocks from the Jefferson Street Inn.

QUESTIONS: Call 800-928-8778 or 414-773-4646 Voice
888-758-6049 TTY/Textnet

ACCOMMODATIONS: Please contact Linda Apple at 608-267-0214 or by Friday, Feb 26 if you need an accommodation or language translation to participate.

Derechos de los Incapacitados en Wisconsin Sesión de Escucha en Wausau

La mesa directiva de Derechos de los Incapacitados en Wisconsin (DRW) tendrá una Sesión de Escucha en Wausau el viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010.

DRW es la agencia de protección y defensa designada para las personas en Wisconsin con incapacidades físicas, sensoriales, de desarrollo, y personas con enfermedades mentales. DRW emplea una variedad de estrategias de defensa, incluyendo la defensa para individuos y sus familias; defensa de sistemas (influencia en la política del estado y del condado, defensa legislativa y edificar coaliciones); acciones de clase y litigio con impacto; y proveer entrenamiento a personas con incapacidades, sus familias, profesionales de servicios humanos, abogados y otros en una variedad de temas relacionadas a incapcidades.

La mesa directiva quiere oír de las personas con incapacidades, sus familias, amigos, activistas, abastecedores de servicio y otros individuos afectados sobre sus ideas para el futuro de la defensa de los incapacitados, y los asuntos que tienen que ser dirigidas sobre los servicios disponsibles y los derechos en las areas de la educación especial, incapacidad de desarrollo, salud mental, e incapcidades físicas.

CUÁNDO: El viernes, 5 de marzo, 2010 de las 4:30 a las 6:30 de la tarde

DÓNDE: Jefferson Street Inn
201 Jefferson Street
Wausau, WI

APARCAMIENTO: Hay aparcamiento en el Jefferson Street Ramp, ubicado en frente del Jefferson St. Inn. Puede meterle dinero al parquímetro o se puede comprar un boleto ($2.00) antes de entrar en el Jefferson Street Ramp. DRW cubrirá los gastos de aparcamiento para los consumidores y sus familias.

AUTOBÚS: La estación de Metro Ride Transfer está ubicado en el 555 de la calle Jefferson, a tres cuadras del Jefferson Street Inn.

PREGUNTAS: Llame al 800-928-8778 Voz; 888-758-6049 TTY/Textnet

ACOMODACIONES: Póngase en contacto con Linda Apple por correo electrónico al o al 608-267-0214 antes del viernes, 26 de febrero si usted necesita alguna acomodación o un intérprete para poder participar.

Kev Los Mloog Cov Lus Teb Nyob Rau Tim Disability Rights Wisconsin Oshkosh

Cov Thawj Coj nyob rau hauv Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW) yuav muaj koom txoos los Mloog Cov Lus Teb rau hnub Friday, Hnub tim 5 lub Peb Hlis Ntuj xyoo 2010 nyob rau hauv Wausau.

DRW yog lub koom haum tiv thaiv thiab sawv cev rau cov tib neeg tsis taus uas loj hlob tsis zoo, ua tsis tau tej yam li lwm tus, lossis lwm yam tsis taus thiab rau cov tib neeg puas hlwb nyob rau hauv Wisconsin. DRW muaj kev pab cuam rau cov tib neeg tsis taus thiab puas hlwb xws li sawv cev rau ib tug neeg thiab rau lawv tsev neeg; txoj kev pab sawv cev (xws li pab kho cov kev cai rau lub xeev thiab lub nroog, thiab cov kev cai rau tsoom fwm thiab nhriav kev koom tes); pab rau rooj plaub thiab pab rau kev txiav txim plaub; thiab pab qhuab qhia tib neeg tsis taus thiab lawv tsev neeg, cov neeg ua haujlwm pab tib neeg, cov kws lij choj thiab lwm cov tib neeg txog tej xav qhia tawm txog cov tib neeg tsis taus.

Cov Thawj Coj Rau DRW xav mloog cov suab tawm los ntawm cov tib neeg tsis taus thiab lawv tsev neeg, phooj ywg, cov nhriav kev pab, cov muaj kev pab thiab lwm cov tib neeg uas muaj kev txhawj xeeb txog cov tswv yim yuav pab rau cov tib neeg tsis taus txog phab sawv cev thiab lwm yam teeb meem txog kev kawm ntawv rau cov tsis taus, cov loj hlob tsis zoo, cov puas hlwb thiab cov tsis taus thiab lawv cov kev cai.

THAUM TWG: Hnub Friday, Hnub tim 5 lub Peb hlis ntuj xyoo 2010 Pib thaum
4:30 p.m. txog 6:30 p.m.

QHOV TWG: Jefferson Street Inn
201 Jefferson Street
Wausau, WI

CHAW NRES TSHEB: Muaj chaw nres tsheb nyob rau ntawm Jefferson Street Ramp uas nyob hla txoj kev ntawm lub Jefferson St. Inn. Koj muab nyiaj ntxig rau lub tshuab tso nyiaj meter lossis nkag los rau hauv lub tsev Jefferson Street Inn lub rooj zaum ntawm qhov rooj es yuav ib daim ntawv pib nres tsheb uas yog $2.00 ua ntej koj nkag rau lub tsev nres tsheb. DRW mam li them qhov nqi nres tsheb rau cov tswv cuab thiab lawv tsev neeg.

NPAV: Lub chaw Metro Ride Transfer Station nyob rau ntawm 555 Jefferson St. uas nyob li 3 blocks ntawm lub Jefferson Street Inn.

MUAJ LUS NUG: Hu xov tooj rau 800-928-8778 lossis 414-773-4646
888-758-6049 TTY/Textnet

XAV TAU LWM YAM KEV PAB: Thov hu xov tooj rau Linda Apple ntawm 608-267-0214 lossis ua ntej hnub tim 26 lub Ob hlis ntuj yog tias koj xav tau kev pab lwm yam lossis xav tau ib tug neeg tuaj txhais lus koj thiaj li tuaj koom tau.

Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports-Seclusion & Restraint bill introduced

Sen. Julie Lassa and Rep. Sandy Pasch have introduced a bill which encourages the use of Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports in schools and limits the use of seclusion and restraint in schools. DRW worked with these legislators on this bill and we will work to have successful committee hearings as the next step towards getting the bill passed.

The bills are SB 468 and AB 682. Since they are identical, we are only attaching SB 468. Click here to see the bill: SB 468

Here is a link to a 2 page plain language summary of the bills: Summary SB 468

Here is a link to Sen. Lassa and Rep. Pasch’s press release on the bills: SB 468 press release

Click here to read an article about the bill on the Racine Journal-Times website.

MPS continues to obstruct court ordered settlement between DRW and DPI

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports on DPI’s efforts to withhold millions in federal funds from MPS for its refusal to comply with DPI’s and federal court’s orders to comply with the class action settlement between DPI and DRW.

Click here to read the article on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website.

Public hearing on SB 468–Feb. 18th

The Senate Education Committee will be holding a hearing on SB 468, which will bring Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) into schools and reduce the use of aversive interventions, such as seclusion and restraint, and make their use safer, if they must be used. A plain language explanation of the bill can be found here: Bill Summary.

The hearing will be held on Feb. 18th @ 10 AM, in Room 412 E in the State Capitol.

If you cannot make it to the hearing, but wish to have your views known by the committee, please send your testimony to Sen. John Lehman, Chair of the Senate Education Committee on or before Feb. 18th. You can e-mail your testimony to him at

If you need travel assistance to get to the hearing, please contact Linda Apple in our Madison office at 1-800-928-8778.

Media coverage on the hearing:
Click here to read an article on the NBC 15 website.
Click here to read an article on the WKOW website.
Click here to read an article on the Wisconsin Radio Network website.
Click here to read an article on the Wisconsin Eye website.
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