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URGENT!!! The House is set to vote on the AHCA TOMORROW!!

Contact your Representative!!! What you can say:
The AHCA (American Health Care Act) would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and cut $839 billion from Medicaid.
· Wisconsin has 1.2 million people in Medicaid who could be hurt by these cuts.

The AHCA would allow states to roll back protections for people with pre-existing conditions, including making essential benefits optional.
· 2.5 million Wisconsinites have a pre-existing condition.
· Without the ACA protections, they could be denied coverage, charged unaffordable prices for insurance, and have lifetime limits for insurance coverage.
· If essential benefits are not required, insurance plans will not be required to cover vital services such as prescription drugs, hospitalization, outpatient services, mental health services, substance abuse disorder treatment, and much more.

The potential Upton-Long amendment would add $8 billion for high risk pools, but DOES NOT fix the $839 billion in cuts …to Medicaid. The pools themselves will provide little protection for people with pre-existing conditions.
· High Risk Insurance Pools have been tested in Wisconsin and failed to provide affordable, comprehensive insurance coverage for many people with disabilities and people with chronic medical or pre-existing conditions.

Contact your Representative!!! If you live in the district of Rep. Duffy (202-225-3365 or 855-585-4251, toll-free) or Rep. Gallagher (202-225-5665), your call is especially needed!