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Secure Email

To ensure that any e-mail communication you receive from Disability Rights Wisconsin containing personal and confidential information stays secure; we send these e-mails utilizing ZixCorp Encryption Services.  ZixCorp’s e-messaging protection makes it easy for you to receive, read and reply to all of our protected communications.   At the end of these 3 easy steps, you will feel confident this sensitive information has been handled with the utmost security.

Retrieving a Secure E-Mail

If you have been sent a secure email from Disability Rights Wisconsin;  ZixCorp will send you a message with instructions on how to view the email from the ZixMessage Center™.

Below is an example of an email sent from the ZixMessage Center™.

Click on the Open Message to create a password:

Screen capture of a ZixCorp secure message from ZixMessage Center

Create your password and click on Register:

Screen capture of ZixCorp ZixMessage Center login page

Once this step is complete, your email and its attachments will become available to you:

Screen capture of an open message in the ZixCorp ZixMessage Center

Returning ZixCorp Users

Go to ZixMessage Center at Sign-in to the ZixMessage Center using your email address and your ZixCorp password to view your secure message(s).  If you don’t remember your password; you can request it on this page as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Secure Messaging? Secure Messaging is the automatic process of:

  • Identifying outbound email messages that contain confidential information.
  • Encrypting the email messages that have been identified as containing any confidential customer/account identifiers.

Why is Disability Rights Wisconsin implementing Secure Messaging? Disability Rights Wisconsin has implemented Zix email encryption to enhance the security of emails that contain confidential information.  Encryption provides protection while email moves across the internet, and while it would be very unusual for an email to be read by an unauthorized individual while it was traveling to you, we are committed to doing everything we can to keep your personal information secure.

What if I do not retrieve the message? If the recipient does not retrieve the message within 14 days from when it was sent, you will receive an expiration notification email. The original message will be deleted from the secure Web site.

When will the email message expire? The message expiration date for this system is 14 days from the date the message is sent, and applies to all messages sent and received. This pre-set date appears in the header section of the message as well as in the Expiration Date column in the Inbox and Sent Message views. This is the maximum number of days a message will be held in the system. Once the expiration date has been reached, the message contents and attachments are securely deleted.

What is the maximum size of attachments? Attachments are supported as part of the Compose, Forward and Reply actions. Users click on the Attach Files button and select the file(s) they wish to attach to the message. There is no limit to the number of files that can be attached to a message; however, the total size of all files attached to a message cannot exceed 10MB.