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Informational Session and a Board Listening Session in Madison

Disability Rights Wisconsin is holding an Informational Session and a Board Listening Session in Madison

Friday, March 3, 2017, 4:00-6:30 pm

We want to hear from you!

Informational Session: 4:00—4:30
Learn about the mission and advocacy work of Disability Rights Wisconsin- Presented by DRW Executive Director Dan Idzikowski
Board Listening Session: 4:30 – 6:30
Help shape our advocacy plans for the future.  Come and speak or just listen to what others in your community have to say. Click here to read the rest of Informational Session and a Board Listening Session in Madison »

Register Now for Disability Advocacy Day

Wisconsin’s Disability Advocacy Day March 21 in Madison sponsored by the Survival Coalition of more than 30 disability organizations is open for registration! This free event (lunch is $12 if you want to buy it) allows YOU to talk directly to your state legislators and their staffs about the issues important to you: Medicaid, long-term care supports provided through Medicaid, education, transportation, mental health services, the direct care worker crisis and more. Register now at:


Click here for mail-in flyer

It’s Not Easy, But You’re Not Alone.

DRWVA Schimmel Press Conf

On Monday, January 30, DRW Victim Advocates attended a press conference with Wisconsin Attorney General, Brad Schimel and Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault, to support the new initiative, By Your Side – SAKI (Sexual Assault Kit Initiative).  Wisconsin and the AG SART have taken action to further support sexual assault victims and partake in a kit testing process that will ensure all sexual assault kits are prioritized.


Any survivor who has had a sexual assault kit collected and do not know if their kit was tested for the presence of DNA evidence can call 1-800-446-6564 or go to ByYourSideWI.org to initiate the process of locating their kits and exploring options for DNA testing. Survivors will also be connected with support services.

A Call for Community Inclusion

DRW’s Sally Flashberger and The Arc Wisconsin’s Lisa Pugh make the case for community inclusion in today’s Journal Sentinel.  The recent brutal attack on a Chicago teenager with a disability, reminds us of the need to support community integration and services that allow for people to be safe in their community — not sheltered away from the public.





Medicaid Block Grants Could Hurt Wisconsin

Here is an overview of the impacts Medicaid block grants could have on Wisconsin’s disability community and what disability advocates think are other, more promising alternatives to improve Medicaid programs, written by Barbara Beckert, Director of DRW’s Milwaukee Office.

Medicaid Block Grants Could Hurt Wisconsin

DRW provides Input to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Disability Rights Wisconsin provides input to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on how it can ensure the timely provision of quality home and community based services.  Here is the letter that was submitted to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Year in Review: A Safe Educational Environment

A good education is key to every child’s future—and children with disabilities are no different. Disability Rights Wisconsin has worked hard in 2016 to ensure that children with disabilities have a safe educational environment in which to learn and grow.

In February of this year, we co-published a report based on open records requests to special education directors statewide that shows we still have miles to go on the issue of seclusion and restraint practices used in public schools. Sadly, even with the 2012 passage of Wisconsin Act 125, which established regulations on public schools’ use of seclusion and restraint, our 2016 report details how families continue to report instances in which children are being secluded and restrained repeatedly, sometimes daily—and that 80% of these instances involve students with disabilities.

In concert with partner agencies, Disability Rights Wisconsin held a press conference at the state Capitol to highlight the pervasive use of seclusion and restraint on children with disabilities in our schools. We advocated and intervened on behalf of individual children to develop Individualized Education Plans and Positive Behavior Supports with their schools. And we’ve made specific recommendations on updating the state’s seclusion and restraint law in several areas, including statewide reporting, enhancing parent reporting requirements, and including law enforcement officers as “covered individuals” under the law.

We will continue requesting and monitoring seclusion and restraint data in 2017 and beyond, and holding Wisconsin schools accountable to the letter of the law. But we can’t do it alone.

Join us in our work to give all our children a safe educational environment. With your year-end gift to our “Off to a Good Start” campaign, you will become a member of our Protection and Advocacy Team, and help us continue our legislative and advocacy work in 2017.


Off to a Good Start

Rocket drawn by child with DRW letters on white base and a blue top with red flames and smoke on bottom for blast off.We may not know what the future holds for our children. We do know that Disability Rights Wisconsin will be an outspoken champion, protecting their rights and their futures.

Disability Rights Wisconsin’s 2016 Annual Campaign “Off to a Good Start” highlights our work on behalf of children with disabilities.

Advocates at DRW ensure that our children grow in a safe and nurturing environment, are engaged in their education, have access to the world around them and the supports they need to achieve their potential.


Please give a gift to Disability Rights Wisconsin today to celebrate our children and protect their futures.

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Now More than Ever – On Giving Tuesday: Fund Our Voice!

People with disabilities need their voices heard in Washington and Madison.

Since the election it has become clear that there are big changes on the horizon for people with disabilities. Access to healthcare, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and Home and Community Based Services are all at stake.

Now, more than ever it is important that people with disabilities have a voice in how, when, and if programs and policies are changed.

At Disability Rights Wisconsin we empower people with disabilities to exercise the full extent of their rights and pursue the greatest possible quality of life.

We work in coalition with people with disabilities, other agencies, and advocates, to ensure that the rights of people with disabilities are protected.

We give voice to their concerns with state and national policymakers – and we have incredibly successful.

This year, Disability Rights Wisconsin strengthened the rights of children with disabilities in the child protective services system through legislative advocacy.

In the coming months we will be working hard to maintain the hard won gains and resist changes that will exclude or segregate people with disabilities or weaken programs that support them.

Join our mission! Now more than ever — FUND OUR VOICE.


Disability Rights Wisconsin – Informational Session and Board Listening Session – Wausau – Dec. 2

WHEN: Friday, Dec. 2, 2016 from 4:00 to 6:30 PM

Informational Session: 4:00 – 4:30
Learn about the mission and advocacy work of DRW
Presented by DRW Executive Director Dan Idzikowski

Board Listening Session: 4:30 – 6:30
Help shape our advocacy plans for the future. Come and speak or just listen to what others in your community have to say.

WHERE: North Central Technical College
1000 W. Campus Drive, Wausau 54401
In the Center for Business and Industry – at the north end of the campus—Room #110

BUS: Served by Wausau Metro Ride – Route B
Last stop/pickup at the College bus stop is at 6:15.
All buses run until 6:30.
For rider information call 715-842-9287 or click here.

PARKING: Free parking available by the building—use Lot D

If you need language translation or an accommodation, please contact Mary Sykes at 608-267-0214 or mary.sykes@drwi.org by Nov. 21.

Sign language interpreters will be present.

To submit written comments, email kristine.beck@drwi.org or mail to DRW, 131 W. Wilson St., Suite 700, Madison, WI 53703.

For a flyer with details, click here.