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Access to Services

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Advocacy Issues

Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW) supports access to quality community services and benefits for everyone who needs them. Quality services are those which are chosen by the consumer, designed to meet the needs of the individual, foster increased independence, provide for meaningful interaction with non-disabled people, and are provided as much and for as long as the consumer needs support.

Disability Rights Wisconsin advocates for (1) implementation of client directed, evidence based treatment and quality community based services and supports, assuring recipients a choice of an appropriate level, quality and type of service to properly support community living, and (2) a community service system which implements concepts of consumer empowerment and choice by providing for adequate and flexible funding of a full range of community services and removes incentives for institutional care.

Advocacy Strategies

DRW provides information, referral, advice, investigation, and, in select cases, legal representation to people with disabilities in Wisconsin who are having difficulty accessing appropriate, quality services and supports necessary to sustain community living. Special emphasis is placed on cases where lack of access to services poses a risk to health and well being, may result in hospitalization, institutionalization or incarceration, or otherwise causes a loss of independence.