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Advocacy Goals

Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW) supports a person’s right to live in the most inclusive, most integrated and least restrictive environment with appropriate services. DRW works to challenge inappropriate institutionalization, inadequate discharge planning, and limited access to community placements for people with disabilities.

DRW supports this right for all people with disabilities, including those under guardianships, protective placements and civil commitment, and works to ensure that these measures are only used to support and empower individuals to live as safely and independently as possible, while retaining their rights and responsibilities to the fullest possible degree.

Advocacy Strategies

DRW provides information, referral, advice, investigation, and in select cases, legal representation to assist people with disabilities in securing the most integrated residential setting and appropriate supports. Special emphasis is placed on cases addressing discharge planning for people leaving large institutions, alternatives for people at risk of inappropriate institutional placement, residents involved in facility downsizing or closures, and community placement of children upon discharge from, or as an alternative to, mental health institutes and residential treatment centers.