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Home Award: Exemplifies Disability Rights Wisconsin’s value of Inclusion – people living, working, learning, and recreating together without barrier or discrimination. Honors a person or firm who has made an extraordinary contribution to the independent living movement, providing the impetus for people with disabilities to live in their own homes and interact freely with their community.

Executive Director Timothy Radelet (Madison)Since its founding in 1992 by a group of parents, Movin’ Out has assisted more than 2,000 Wisconsin households with a family member who has a disability to either purchase a home of move into an affordable apartment. Rather than relying on group homes or other impersonal facilities, they wanted their young adult children with disabilities to move into their own homes, preferably homes the young men and women could own. Finding no organization prepared to assist them, these parents decided to achieve their goal on their own.

Over the years, Movin’ Out has compiled an impressive record of success in helping people with disabilities, and their families, find and maintain housing of their choice in communities throughout Wisconsin.

Movin’ Out has applied this pioneering vision of inclusive housing by creating more than 1,000 units of affordable, desirable, and well-managed rental housing in a dozen Wisconsin communities. For example, the Elven Sted development in Stoughton was built with 32 affordable units as well as market rate units; about 25% of these units are occupied by households that include a renter with disabilities with universal accessibility features. Common areas inside and on the grounds of the Yahara riverfront make this a beautiful, easy, and natural setting for connecting with neighbors and forging friendships. It is an integrated, inclusive rental community with appeal to people seeking workforce housing as well as people who rely on supportive services.