Tony Flottmeyer

Anthony Flottmeyer

La Crosse, WI

In addition to serving on the DRW Board, Tony serves on the Board of Directors for Independent Living Resources, the Center for Independent Living for southwest Wisconsin. He has also served on DRW’s PAIMI (Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness) Advisory Council.

Tony has lived experience with bipolar disorder, both for himself and people close to him. He lost someone close to him as a result of suicide. He is writing a memoir of living with bipolar disorder.

Tony has talked with several nursing student classes at Viterbo University and UW-La Crosse, educating students about bipolar disorder and answering their questions. He has taken classes in Peer Counseling and Addiction Counseling, and has served as an advocate for people with disabilities for many years.

Tony was elected to the DRW Board in December 2014.