Barriers to Accessibility

person in a wheelchair unable to access building because of a curb with no ramp.People have the right to participate equally in the world around them. This includes access to private and public buildings, programs, events, and services.

People with disabilities may face physical, communicative, attitudinal, systemic, or other barriers as a part of daily life. These barriers can include lack of ramp access to a building, the refusal by a medical facility to provide sign language interpretation, or denying a person with disabilities the right to a service dog in a “no pets” building. Depending on the nature and scope of the barrier, advocates at Disability Rights Wisconsin may be able to assist you in overcoming it.


Disability Rights Wisconsin provides information, referral, advice, investigation, and, in select cases, legal representation to individuals with disabilities in Wisconsin to remove barriers to accessibility at work, in home, and in public places.


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