Pam Malin

Pam Malin

Advocacy Specialist and VAWA Program Coordinator

Pam Malin is an advocate for victims of crime with disabilities in Northeast Wisconsin.

Pam has been advocating for people with disabilities for most of her life. She got her core values around advocacy while working in the Citizen Advocacy Program. She worked for many years supporting and advocating for individuals with disabilities who have experienced sexual assault. She has worked on multi-disciplinary teams bringing the voice of people with disabilities to first response professionals including; prosecutors, law enforcement, child protection, adult protection, child advocacy centers and more. Pam consulted with Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault as the Statewide Developmental Disabilities Technical Assistance Specialist, providing training and technical assistance. Pam is also a volunteer board member, appointed by the governor, for the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (BPDD).

VAWA Project Coordinator
Pam is responsible for overall coordination of the Violence Against Women with Disabilities and Deaf Women (VAWA). The VAWA Project partners with End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin and Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and provides technical assistance to sexual assault, domestic violence, and disability program staff on program issues, accessibility and individual cases, as requested.

Pam  has worked on the DRW VAWA Project in some capacity for more than 10 years, and is passionate about creating awareness and improved response at the intersection of disability and abuse.
(ending March 2018)